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Excel Charts and Tables

Charts and tables are a powerful way of displaying data and information in a graphical format that is meaningful and easy to follow.  
Are you getting the most from your charts? 

At Excel Master Solutions we can transform your charts from boring Excel graphs to eye catching charts that show off the relevant information simply, and without clutter.  
We can automate the charts so that you dont have to manually modify the chart range each time you add a new piece of data. 

We specialise in creating and working with pivot tables - a great way to sort and display data.  
Excel Graph


Chart Colour and Layout

Do you use standard excel charts?
Would you like them to be more eye catching and more stylish for inclusion in your reports or presentations?
Excel Master Solutions can improve the look of your charts.
Default Excel Chart
"Default" Excel chart (left)


Chart with colour and layout (below)
Enhanced Excel Chart
Default Excel pie chart
Enhanced Excel pie chart
"Default" Excel Pie chart vs modified 3D version

Rolling Period Charts

Do you display rolling information in charts, for example a rolling 13 month window showing performance?
When you update the chart do you have to edit each series in the chart to display the data for the new period?
Excel Master Solutions can create charts which will automatically update to display data for rolling periods.
Simply paste the next batch of data into your sheet and the chart will automatically update showing the new data.
Depending on how complex the charts are, our "rolling period charts" can save hours of work each week/month allowing you to focus instead on what's truly important: analysing the information that the chart provides.

Combination Charts

There are often times when the data is best represented on a chart by a combination of chart types, for example lines and bars.
Excel Master Solutions can set up templates and charts to display your data in the best possible way.
Combination Chart with Rolling periods
Sales v sales target

Tables and Data displays

Pivot Tables
Pivot tables are a powerful Excel tool that let's you interactively tabulate and summarise data.  They are particularly useful for large datasets.

Excel Master Solutions can set up pivot tables in your datasheets - giving you access to this powerful functionality. Once set up, we can show you how to manipulate the pivot table to show different views of data to best suit your needs.