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Worksheet Automation and Optimisation

Excel provides a powerful range of functions that make it easy to automate repetitive tasks.  We can help you set up automation of your spreadsheets, saving you time.  
Examples where automation can help save time and money include:

Linking and extracting Data

Sheet functions

Charts and tables

Linking data to Excel
Net Income chart
Chart with automatic refresh
  • Share data quickly by linking Excel directly to Access databases.
  • Import and export Excel data to other Office programs such as Access and even Outlook!
  • Develop Access databases to replace Excel spreadsheets

  • Share worksheets between different users
  • Create user forms to input data consistently
  • Link data between different worksheets and even different workbooks
  • Setup names ranged to simplify formulae
  • Email data directly from Excel
  • Create macros to automate repetitive data processing tasks
  • Lookup and import data from different sheets and files

  • Create chart templates
  • Setup charts to automatically refresh data ranges when new data is added
  • Create reports from pivot table data.

These are just some of the tasks that Excel Master Solutions can assist with.